How LocalSip Works

With LocalSip, you can easily add up-to-date drink lists to your existing website or any display in your establishment.

1. Sign Up

Sign up and register for our service in what just might be the world’s easiest signup & registration form ever.. It literally takes 2 minutes and is completely free!

2. Setup LocalSip

Create your LocalSip drink list and choose from a variety of ways to add your LocalSip list in to your website, on any digital display, or both! Installation is a breeze and we are happy to help.

3. Update Easily

Editing your LocalSip drink list is simple and quick. You can even create multiple users so anyone on your staff can easily keep your LocalSip list up to date.

LocalSip installs easily and is compatible with darn near any website including these major platforms.

“I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.”  ~ W.C. Fields


LocalSip is FREE!

Designed and developed by the fine folks at Imbibe Digital; we have a lot of experience building great software for those in the alcohol & cannabis industries. We are still adding new features and fine-tuning LocalSip every day, and would rather you pay us in feedback, questions, feature requests, comments and especially, critiques.

Early adopters will receive free access for a full year.

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