Digital Display – Installation Instructions

You can display your LocalSip list on any internet connected device, by simply navigating to your LocalSip Page URL on the device. Your LocalSip Page URL is emailed to you within 24 hours of registration.

The following instructions are specific to setting up your LocalSip list on a large screen Monitor, LCD, TV or any large digital display.

Step 1 – Recommended Setup

For best quality and clarity, we recommend using a PC or Mac connected to your digital display. You will need the Google Chrome browser on your PC or Mac which is free for download here:

Step 2 – Load your LocalSip Page URL

From your internet browser, navigate to your LocalSip page URL.

Step 3 – Enter Full Screen Mode

These instructions assume you are using Google Chrome. From the Chrome Browser Menu, select ‘View’ and then select ‘Enter Full Screen.’

Step 4 – Adjust For Fit

Also located in the Chrome ‘View’ menu, use the ‘Zoom-in’ & ‘Zoom-out’ function to adjust for the best fit for your size screen.